The biggest advantage of SHIBPLUS is that SHIB is automatically refunded 5% even if you just own SHIBPLUS in your wallet without staking. 
It’s so powerful and amazing.

For each active user transaction, a SHIB reward of 5% is distributed among all SHIBPLUS holders. Just buy, keep SHIBPLUS in your wallet and get rewards for life.

– Click on the “ADD TOKEN” button
– Select “Custom Token” tab
– Paste the contract address from the first step to the “Token Address” field:
(Polygon Mainnet) 0x2B72E322A29964A1172812021A0fd8D84DC26A5a
(BNBChain) 0x44Db666CF24fe976aE6BAeb42428c9953bF86987

– Click the “NEXT” button
– Click the “ADD TOKENS” button
– You are done

Safety – 100%
Liquidity burnt
Contract Audited
Community Driven
SHIB reward of 5%

In addition to receiving SHIB rewards by simply holding SHIBPLUS, you can also stake SHIBPLUS to obtain PLUS token.
The PLUS token will play a key role in entering the PLUS ecosystem and obtaining other tokens.
A coin associated with the PLUS token is obtained by staking the PLUS token.
ex) Staking in an XRP-PLUS pool: XRP Rewards
Staking in the BTC-PLUS pool: BTC Rewards
*We are planning to create more than 50 pools in the future.
This simple and great ecosystem of SHIBPLUS is called the PLUS Ecosystem.
Also, we will add DAO platform to Plus Ecosystem afterward so that PLUS token holders will be able to exercise the right to decide on the pool added to the PLUS Ecosystem (type of token, reward ratio, lock timing, etc.).

The Polygon blockchain of SHIBPLUS is highly interoperable and is easy to communicate with internal blockchain and Ethereum networks. The technology stack consists of secured chains and standalone chains, which are representative types of blockchain networks. A secured chain is a network that uses “security as a service” instead of its own validator pool. The service relies on a shared pool of self-supplied or professional validators (same as Polkadot’s “Shared Security”). The secured chain provides improved security at the expense of independence and Agile. Currently, secure chains are being implemented through MATIC plasma, a framework based on the proposal of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.
The biggest advantage of the SHIBPLUS token is the implementation method of delivering SHIB (PoS) of the Polygon chain to the user’s wallet in a Reward-per-Transaction manner. It has the advantage of being able to implement the technology in a simple Proof of Stake method without having to go through the existing complicated using environment and pay as much attention as possible to the user’s security.
MATIC, an ecosystem of SHIBPLUS, is a fully autonomous network with independent pools of validators of standalone chains. The advantage is that independence and Agile are increased instead of security difficult to build. To date, SHIBPLUS has been implemented through MATIC’s Proof of Stake (PoS) chain. The key difference is that MATIC Proof of Stake (PoS) provides a faster withdrawal rate, resulting in De-fi (SHIBPLUS / Reward SHIB) and faster rewards. You can provide users with SHIBPLUS network service fees(Polygon’s native ERC-20 token), transaction fees between users in the ecosystem, and SHIB in the Polygon side chain.